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BackupTool  received
SoftPedia award

backup tool

06-Jule-2000 Version 1.1 of 
Backup Tool  is published 

17-Dec-2000 Added direct link to  download Keyence Ladder Builder

12-Feb-1999 First alfa version is published

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PlcUtils - The only one manufacturer of independent software for Keyence Programmable Logic Controllers

Backup Tool  v 1.2

Backup Tool Screenshot"We are impressed with the quality
 of your product and encourage
you to keep
this high standards in
the future", Softpedia

Backup Tool is a really unique software tool for Keyence PLC. It can be used to: 
  • backup/restore the PLC firmware without the Ladder Builder.
  • put any .cod files into the Keyence PLC
  • PLC to PLC copying: copy firmware from one PLC to another
If you have a good working PLC you can just make backup of firmware prior installing updates, patches or other modificatios.Backup Tool for Keyence PLC Softpedia Award

You don't need to teach your production department how to use the Ladder Builder. They will not mixed up all the firmware source code.

Just click "Download" to get 14-days trial version.   Update to version 1.2 or 1.1  is recommended for all users of previous versions.

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